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Red Caterpillars

By on April 22, 2013

I was out in the yard doing, you guessed it, yard work. I was working on spraying weeds to, you guessed it again, get rid of them. Spring time is a great time of the year with comfortable weather, cool breezes, and re-growth. Unfortunately, it can bring a lot of yard work along with it. But, it is nice to get outside and enjoy the weather. Even though I would rather be playing golf in the same weather. But, if I had gone golfing instead of yard work I would not have gotten the pictures of the caterpillars below.

I was spraying the yard and came across two caterpillars on one of the weeds I was about to spray. Well, I didn’t want to kill them so I pulled the weed and placed it away from where I was spraying. I went inside and grabbed my Ollo Clip and got some good macro pictures and video of them and then left them to do their thing.

Lets Learn Something

I could not find out what kind of caterpillars I captured in these pictures and video, but I found some information on caterpillars in general.

Caterpillars are the larval form of moths and butterflies. They are rich in protein, which lead predators to liking to eat them. However, there are caterpillars that are poisonous. Some can even cause serious harm even to humans. They are also considered pests to agriculture as they are voracious eaters. Most caterpillars are herbivores, but some are insectivores.


Red caterpillars 1 ollo clip macro


red caterpillars 2 ollo clip macro


red caterpillars 2 ollo clip macro



If you happen to know what kind of caterpillars these are, then please let me know in the comments below!

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I took these photos and video with the Ollo Clip macro lens (Check out the Ollo Clip Product Review)


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  • Holistic Wayfarer

    My 6-yr-old and I watched several of the clips. Very cool.

  • russelrayphotos

    My first thought was Echo Moth, but I’m not convinced after looking at pictures in my books. Thus, I don’t know, but it sure is beautiful!

  • RH West

    Those are great shots and with an iphone? I’m getting one this week and was wondering about gadgets for it :)

  • Lauraj

    These are great photos! I love caterpillars, the legs, the fuzz and the tiniest faces.

  • Shannon Cauffman

    That is a really great picture of the caterpillar, I love it!

  • Herding Cats

    What amazing pictures and a great post to accompany them. I wish I could help you ID them.

  • Gracie Binoya

    These are awesome shots, Ryan! Such incredible colors. I’ve never seen a red caterpillar, so can’t help you with the name, unfortunately.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier :)


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