Long Drive. Getting Back Into The Swing of Things

Long Drive


I recently decided to get back into the swing of things (insert golf clap) with a sport called Long Drive. In this sport, you have a short period of time to hit six golf balls with a driver into a 50yd wide grid. The goal is to hit the ball farther than your competitor. This is a one on one bracket sport. I used to compete in long drive when I was much younger. I have always enjoyed swinging as hard as I could and seeing how far I could hit t the ball. Well, I was watching the Long Drive Finals for 2013 and decided that I could be  a competitor in 2014. I have the mindset that I can win the whole thing and have started training my body and swing to match that mindset.

The Workouts

I have started doing a lot of HIT (High Intensity Training) and focusing on low reps. Everything from squats, curls, pull ups, etc. I have also been working on cardio to increase my endurance and blood flow to get more oxygen to my muscles. Core workouts have been another area that I have been focusing on in order to create greater control in my swing and power in my rotation.

The Goal

The realistic goal for me this year is to qualify and compete in the world finals which is held in Las Vegas later this year. I still have a lot of training and practice to accomplish before the season kicks off. I feel that I have a great opportunity to be a newcomer that poses a lot of threat to the current competition.

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Painted Sky

Great picture of a painted sunset sky that I took with my iPhone 4. I just ran across this recently and thought it was a great picture to share. Hope you all like it!


I used the iPhone 4 with stock camera app. Photo was adjusted with the Snapseed App.
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The Warmth of Fire

One of my favorite things to do is sit around a warm fire. I can sit and watch the fire dance for hours. Ever since I was a small kid, I liked to make fire and to watch it. To see how things burned in the fire when I put them in it. There were so many things that would burn or melt differently. Now, it isnt good to burn everything and I got to learn that, but it was fascinating to me. It is incredible how such a small thing can be so consuming and provide so much heat and light.

ollo clip, fire, warmth

Hope you like the pic!



Hey there,

Hope everyone is doing well out there. Been having a lot going on in my life and not a lot of time for some of the things I would like to do. Still trying to thing of some new and cool things that I could maybe do to the site. Make it a little more interactive. If you have any ideas, please let me know!

This picture is from awhile back. I had forgotten to post it along with some others. I have a lot of others from this day and need to go through them and pick out which ones I would like to post. This picture is one of many grasshoppers I had found in my backyard one day. The scientific name for these is eastern lubber grasshopper.

I used my iPhone 5 with the Ollo Clip macro lens.

grasshopper , ollo clip , macro

Have a great day!


Red Caterpillars

I was out in the yard doing, you guessed it, yard work. I was working on spraying weeds to, you guessed it again, get rid of them. Spring time is a great time of the year with comfortable weather, cool breezes, and re-growth. Unfortunately, it can bring a lot of yard work along with it. But, it is nice to get outside and enjoy the weather. Even though I would rather be playing golf in the same weather. But, if I had gone golfing instead of yard work I would not have gotten the pictures of the caterpillars below.

I was spraying the yard and came across two caterpillars on one of the weeds I was about to spray. Well, I didn’t want to kill them so I pulled the weed and placed it away from where I was spraying. I went inside and grabbed my Ollo Clip and got some good macro pictures and video of them and then left them to do their thing.

Lets Learn Something

I could not find out what kind of caterpillars I captured in these pictures and video, but I found some information on caterpillars in general.

Caterpillars are the larval form of moths and butterflies. They are rich in protein, which lead predators to liking to eat them. However, there are caterpillars that are poisonous. Some can even cause serious harm even to humans. They are also considered pests to agriculture as they are voracious eaters. Most caterpillars are herbivores, but some are insectivores.

Red caterpillars 1 ollo clip macro

red caterpillars 2 ollo clip macro

red caterpillars 2 ollo clip macro

If you happen to know what kind of caterpillars these are, then please let me know in the comments below!

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I took these photos and video with the Ollo Clip macro lens (Check out the Ollo Clip Product Review)


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